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We are blessed that occasionally a writer emerges who is large in ego and flashy in wit and style.  It almost seems rare.  So when Peter Ackroyd does a prose translation of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales what is one to anticipate?  Well, the naysayers lose this time.

For all of us, and we are legion, who remain Chaucer-challenged from our morose high school experience with the Big C, this book is a blast and complete therapy.  Yes, he is worth the effort and now that you are of age you can read the adult version–the one where you need not struggle.  You will find Chaucer, in the words of my university colleague Art Barlow, a Ben Franklin kind of fellow.

This is officially The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer: A Retelling by Peter Ackroyd, Illustrated by Nick Bantock, an awkward title for a smooth book.  Dress up your guest room with your personal copy.  It may be lifted by your next guest.

If you like to wear your Chaucer then go to zappel.com for more than one selection.  If you want to drink your Chaucer you can shop for Chaucer’s California wines.  I tried ebay for a bobble-head or a porcelain figurine but with no luck.  Charles Marlin

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