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If you are into WWII intelligence and deception, you already know bits and pieces of this overflowing account Operation Mincemeat: How A Dead Man And A Bizarre Plan Fooled The Nazis And Assured An Allied Victory by Ben Macintyre.  You may have read the chief agent Ewen Monagu’s account The Man Who Never Was.  If you don’t recall the 1956 movie with Clifton Webb playing Lt. Commander Montagu, you can rent it from Netflix.

Don’t be casual about this.  Stop at Barnes & Noble or go online at amazon.com for your copy of Macintyre’s book.  Everyone is perfectly typecast even down to the putrescent corpus.  The story line moves at its own pace because no detail seems to be left out, which is in no way a criticism.  The details make the story.

I would go into some of those details but I remember Loose Lips Might Sink Ships, so I leave Operation Mincemeat wholly to your discreet reading.

The images are of the Allied landing on Sicily in honor of the men who fought and died there, and of HMS Seraph in honor of Lt. Commander Bill Jewell and his crew.  Incomparable men, one and all. 

 Charles Marlin

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