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It is passing, perhaps to be forgotten.  It was a blending of the physical, aesthetic, and intellectual that felt good in your hand and looked good in your pocket.  It accessorized a cup of coffee or bourbon on the rocks perfectly.  It was the small book that exceeded your expectations, a readable Werther’s Original.

Digital publishing will relegate these pleasures to the unwashed environs of used-bookstores.  Digital readers will think of used-bookstores in the same class a soup kitchens.  Go only when down and alias.

I wish I had known when I moved from farm to campus the role little books would have in my life.  I could have kept the great ones for a unique library with all sorts of arcane parameters and a trash library of little ones judged not to my standards.  Of course a rule good for a university kid could only last so long before needing a revision and a review of the cast offs.

There I would have had my perfect excuse for not attending a university function or faculty party, please I must work on my library of readable Werther’s Originals.  Clearly no explanation should be given as a whiff of mystery adds something to your life collection.  Charles Marlin

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