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The Clarion News reported in their November 20th edition that there is evidence of a Cleveland stalker present in our community in the recent past.  The paper had no photographs and few details, but I will summarize the little they reported.  Unknown persons representing the Cleveland Clinic came into town with money, purchased the former R&S Metals property, and quickly left town in fancy cars.  Why would they want that property you may well ask.  Ask indeed.

I feel there are people in Clarion who know more than they are saying but those people are the kind who do not respond well to anonymous phone calls.  I am left with only speculation.  If anyone would call me to add rampant rumor we could solve this mystery.  I speculate that the Cleveland Clinic plans to use the old R&S property as a FOB (Forward Operating Base) in a planned surge into UPMC territory

Casualties and property damage will occur.  The state should offer medical surge insurance similar to mine subsidence insurance.  We will need protection if two behemoths start fighting in our neighborhoods.  Charles Marlin


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