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The Warmth Of Other Suns: The Epic Story Of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson has received great praise and hopefully a wide readership.  It should appeal to all African-Americans who care about their place in American history and culture.  It is also a good Southern read.  Although the book could have been shortened without any damage, it is well written.

The author interviewed over a thousand people directly involved in the relocation of six million blacks from the South to Northern cities from 1915 through 1970.  She gives extended stories of three of those pilgrims and their families.  In the aggregate they are a most compelling account, but the individual stories are based on anecdotes retold in old age.

Would we trust an account of the Vietnam War told by a few aging veterans forty to fifty years after the war?  This is narrative historical fiction.  It is not history.  Read it for what it is and enjoy.  Charles Marlin

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