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I should go on the campus of Clarion University and put up a help wanted sign with email tabs asking for a young Muslim student with a slightly rebellious bent to write a 250 word review of Michael Muhammad Knight’s The Taqwacores.  After reading the book I know I am too far removed from the narrator Ysef Ali, a Pakistani-American freshman in Buffalo living off-off-campus at a Muslim controlled rental house.  And the promotional hype calling it a “Catcher in the Rye for young Muslims” is discordant noise as well as the glossy promotion of the author on the web.  So much noise suggests sales promotion more than anything else.

If this is a valid account of Muslim-American punk rebellion, then parents have little to worry about.  Their noisy children are only one or two moves away from marriage, mortgage, and jobs when they can find them.  Just tell those noise makers that a nice car is theirs when they get their first permanent job, and that you are talking with a financial advisor about starting an educational fund for the grandchildren.  There is no need to be subtle about this.

If you think your American children gave you fits, you need to prepare for those grandchildren.  There are, however, two universal truths to sustain you as they have all grandparents.  First, the grandchildren will be beautiful and smart.  Second, Allah will protect them.  Ask any grandparent.  Charles Marlin

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