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To the loyal followers of Alexander McCall Smith’s The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series, the latest addition, The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon, will be cause for concern. Most all of us were looking forward to Grace Makutsi’ pregnancy as her swansong at the detective agency. With Grace at home nursing young Itumelang Clovis Radiphuti, Precious Ramotswe would be free to pursue solving cases without having to constantly work around the obstreperous Grace; but no, what happened instead is that Precious felt lonely and sought out Grace at home. It would have been better if she had hired the often maligned Violet Sephotho as her temporary secretary, or if she had inquired of the Botswana Secretarial College for a less difficult, recent graduate, regardless of their score.

What do we have now? For starters, we have Grace and baby Clovis in the office. We have milktoast Phuti Radiphuti coming in for minor praise. We have Precious acknowledging the existence of Grace’s many talking shoes.

The final blow comes on the closing page of the book; but I am too alarmed to report it. Mark my prediction, there will be rough days ahead for the detective agency. Charles Marlin

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More news of Precious Ramotswe from Alexander McCall Smith in the twelfth book in The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series.  This time it is The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party; yes, Grace Makutsi finally marries Phuti Radiphuti.  Far be it from me to pass on stories or gossip about Grace, so I will not mention any details about her obsession with shoes, her abuse of Precious’ kind and gentle personality, or her unhealthy dislike of Violet Sephotho.

Precious is called to a difficult case involving cruelty to cattle which she is unable to solve but is able to resolve in a traditional Botswana way.  While on the case, Precious brings new purpose to the life of Charlie, the uncertified mechanical assistant at the Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors, although it is far too soon to say Charlie is a changed person.

The really great news is that something precious to Precious is returned to her in far better shape than when she lost it.  I will not be like Grace and immediately speculate as to when it will again list to the driver’s side.

The wedding of you know who to you know whom is over but I fear it will not bring relief to the detective agency.  I have a feeling that who is not going to quit her job.  I may write a letter to the author.  Charles Marlin

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