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It’s too large and heavy for a field guide for birding, and too different to easily transition from your old field guide to it.  The plates of the old field guide are totally ingrained in your birding experiences so when you look at a plate you see it and it brings to mind innumerable sightings in the past.  The plates speak to you and that is too precious to give up.

So there is a negative to Richard Crossley, The Crossley ID Guide Easter Birds, but there is also a positive of why you will enjoy owning yet another birding guide.  Each plate is a composit photograph giving you up close and distant sightings, and good sightings to the not so good sightings we often have to settle for.  Don’t be thrown off by some of the dark photographs as they come far closer to our own sightings than the perfect images do.

This is the perfect reference to keep just inside the front door, by the big bay window, at the summer cottage, sealed in a plastic bag on the boat, or again sealed in a plastic bag and stashed in the car.  On second thought, you may find you need more than one copy.  If your birding mate wants the copy strategically placed in a spot that is not your first choice, for once be gracious and agree.  You then have an excuse for buying your own copy and greedily putting your name on the inside cover.  Charles Marlin

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