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Sometimes a title says all that needs to be said, as this one does Early Cook Forest State Park: The Area Visited through Post Cards and Photographs of the 1930s and 1940s, compiled by James T. MacBeth, local and member of the extended Cook family.

For many visitors this will be the perfect memento for a vacation in or near the park.  Visitors will be able to spot places they know from the many photographs.  The price is $20 plus $1.20 state tax.  There is no distributor so the only locations known to sell the book are the Book Nook in Clarion and the MacBeth Gift Shop in Cook Forest.

Local authors who publish their own books seem to always fail to make the connection between publishing and distribution.  Maybe that’s part of the local charm as well as being inconvenient.

The Longfellow Pine, illustrated here and in the book is the tallest tree in the northeastern United States at 181.3 feet.

The Cook Mausoleum, made of blue granite with a stained glass window displaying logs floating down Tom’s Run, is a site to see and see from.  It is well worth the walk.

The deep dark interior of old forest is everywhere in the park, and will make you a photographic artist.  Charles Marlin

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