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On his first adventure in the Chicago Sea, Sudhir Venkatesh sailed on the 4040 of the Robert Taylor Homes fleet.  For nine years he sailed with the fleet, learning how all parts of the ship and crew worked.  He even became confessor or perhaps joker to the ship’s captain and first officer.

Sudkir was an obedient lad always mindful of the lessons his parents taught him.  He was pure of heart.  Not once did he succumb to the siren song of piracy.  He did, however, develop a craving akin to an addiction for soul food.

When destructive storms, raging over all of the Chicago Sea, began to take down one ship after another, our intrepid Sudhir sealed his newly minted doctorate in sociology in a water tight container, and somehow floated and swam until he was washed up on a shore far to the east.  All the ships in the Robert Taylor Homes fleet were sank.  Only he lived to tell their tale.

If you believe this story, then I have a kudzu plantation that would be a fantastic investment and adventure for you.

There may be a believable story to be told concerning Sudhir Venkatesh’s experience researching the residents of Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes, but Gang Leader For A Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets is not it.  Charles Marlin

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