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Well, walk my pants to town.  The man can tell a story.  And all the people quoted on the jacket say so too.  The book is Safe From The Neighbors by Steve Yarbrough, and they say, “tense, spellbinding . . . beautifully meditative and authentic,” “wickedly observant, funny, cynical, evocative,” “‘truer’ than what actually occurred,” “one of our finest . . . . spellbinding, powerful novel,” “a grace that feels effortless,” and finally, “a magnificent achievement.”  Surely he has shown all this to his mother.

The book will give the reader a nice Southern weekend.  If the ending doesn’t have the fire you expected, remember he wrote and you read.  His choice.  For those who were not graced with a cotton field childhood, all I can say is that be a pity.  I might not have earned my degrees if I had not kept that cotton sack over my shoulder.  Without fail, I enjoy a book that takes me back.

The field photograph on the top left is from the Wayne Whitsett Family Album, and the roadside photograph on the top right is from Roadfood.com.  Charles Marlin

Jackson Pollock, Cotton Pickers, 1935

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