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There is a vicious campaign at Pantheon Books, Random House, Polygon, and Birlinn Ltd to destroy the growing appeal of Pimlico Terriers.  Breeders, owners, and other friends of the breed must put pressure on these corporate entities to conduct their business with integrity.

We know from Alexander McCall Smith himself the Pimlico Terrier is, “an unusual breed obtained through the judicious crossing of an Airedale with a Border Collie, and perhaps just a touch of something else about which the breeders themselves were now hazy.”  Who among us wants to dispute the authority of AMcCS?  None, so why do the covers of both books in the Corduroy Mansions Series have Smooth Fox Terriers representing the venerable Freddie de la Hay, the most famous of Pimlico Terriers.

The first book in the series is Corduroy Mansions and the second book is The Dog Who Came In From The Cold; and in both, Freddie de la Hay rescues those in peril and solves the romantic conundrums of those humans who come to him for help.  He is, at all times, a gentleman, scholar, and a philosopher.  No other breed of dogs, even those from Germany, has ever obtained the level of empathetic interaction with humans as has the Pimlico Terrier.

In the United States, the Pimlico Terrier Club, Inc. maintains a stud book and registry and hopes to introduce the breed at the Westminster Dog Show in New York City in 2016.  The loss of valuable promotion from the Corduroy Mansions Series book covers is a set back for them, so the 2016 date may be pushed forward to 2020.

Pressure on these publishing entities should begin with a calm, friendly call or perhaps a postcard.  As a retired university professor, AMcCS may be dependent upon his royalty checks; and we certainly don’t want to do any harm to him.  If friendly calls and postcards don’t effect a change in book covers, then we should escalate to Sharpie Permanent Markers if you still have a bookstore in your neighborhood.

Further, I wish to deny any negative thoughts or feelings toward Smooth Fox Terriers as a breed or to the two models used for AMcCS’s books.  I had more than one Smooth as a child and continue to admire the breed without reservation.  Charles Marlin

Post Script  For a picture of Freddie’s sister Maggy de la That please go to my post Pimlico Terrier Littermates, August 15, 2012.

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