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Romain Gary, French literary light,  wrote four books under the name Emile Ajar.  One of them Hocus Bogus: Romain Gary Writing As Emile Ajar has been translated into English by David Bellos.  It is a faux-schizophrenic, delusional narrative of Emile fighting with Romain that may be skimmed but not read, so this is not a review.

Schizophrenia is the black hole of human existence.  If you want to compare the fake with the real you may need some new experience.  If you work near an open square where people and pigeons go to lunch, bag it a couple of days.  Keep your superficial kindness and chit-chat to yourself.  Eat your lunch and stay out of others’ lives, this will give you what the book can not.

For those who have family who suffer and who have remained constructively and humanely involved, I salute you.  It is not an easy thing to do.  It is a relationship burdened with so many heavy “ifs”.  If they did not look so normal.  If they would stay on their meds.  If they were not physically threatening.  If they would stay at home.  If.  If.  If.

Despite calling it a black hole, we must with deep affection say to those friends who have overpowered their “ifs” it is great to be with you as fellow pilgrims.  Each day is fresh, each mile is new, so how glum would we feel without old friends by our side?  Charles Marlin

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