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If your boss looks like

And your financial advisor looks like this

And rush hour traffic is

Rebuild your harassed life by coming to Clarion County Community Foundation

And donating to RARE GIFTS FUND.  First click on the Donations page, then click on the web address that comes up.  From there you click on Donate and select Rare Gift.  PayPal does the rest for you.

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Everybody loves to shop for Christmas gifts.  Everybody loves the giving.  And most of us love the holiday decorating.  There are far fewer who enjoy the hassle of wrapping the gifts.

Well, cheer up my tired little friend for there is a serious reason all gifts must be wrapped.  It is practically a known scientific fact that a Christmas gift left unwrapped or even poorly wrapped with a torn corner or gaping seam will leak out the spirit of giving leaving the gift a hallow shell of itself.

The gifts that are impossible to wrap seem to have more capacity to retain the spirit of giving so they often do not suffer from the open exposure.

The extra expense of paper, ribbons, tape, and cards is well worth it.  How would you feel if someone holding one of your gifts said, “I don’t feel the spirit of giving in this gift.  It is just a social gesture.  Nothing more.”  Oh, that would be a sad moment for the giver and receiver.

With your gift to the Clarion County Community Foundation, you need have no fear.  We never leave a gift naked.  Go to the Donations page, then click on the web address that comes up.  From there you click on Donate and select Rare Gift.  PayPal does the rest for you.

We immediately wrap your gift in our loving arms.  Every gift is dressed in love.  You achieve all this without spending any time or money on gift wrapping.  It comes close to being a miracle.  Charles Marlin

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There are two steps to making a bequest, first one is big but the second one is just one or two regular sized steps  It is easy and refreshing.  You will be proud of yourself after you complete the bequest.

Here is the big step.  Please consider a bequest or planned gift to benefit your home community through Clarion County Community Foundation.  Clarion County is your home and part of your identity.  It may have been your family’s residence for generations.  This is the place that cares about you.  Please let them remember you in the most favorable way possible.

When you make a decision that yes you want to do something for your home community, the next regular sized step is filling in the blanks.  This is not difficult.

Make certain your lawyer uses the full legal name, tax number, and location of the community foundation.  Without revealing your name the lawyer can ask for the tax number by calling our Executive Director Steve Kosak at (814) 677-5085.  Because CCCF is an affiliate of Bridge Builders Community Foundations, and the tax number in under the BBCF name, when naming the community foundation use the full name Clarion County Community Foundation/Bridge Builders Community Foundations, tax number _________, with the current business address of PO Box 374, 213 Seneca Street, Oil City PA 16301.

Next you identify what you want to give to the community foundation, either a set amount, a specific property, a percentage of your total estate, or the residual after all other distributions are made.  Your lawyer will word this for you.

After deciding what you want to give to the community foundation you select the way you want your gift to serve.  CCCF has three general funds, called field-of-interest funds by the professionals, you may decide to support.  They are 1. CCCF Operating Support Fund, 2. Rare Gift Fund, and 3. Unrestricted Grants Fund.

Or you may choose to create an endowment fund for one or more nonprofits working in the county.  Ask your lawyer to check on their legal name and address.

Or you may create a scholarship fund for one or all the high schools in Clarion County.  You may list the criteria for the scholarships as well as the membership of the scholarship committee who review applications.

Or you may strike out on your own with a new fund tailored to charitable needs you want to support.  There are always needs in the community for which there are no endowment funds.  What you do may inspire others to follow with their support.  There is always a frontier in front of us if we bother to look.

Whatever your choice, your bequest can become a memorial named as you wish.

If you select to support a current nonprofit or a charitable activity that may change in the next one or two hundred years, you should discuss with your lawyer and our Executive Director the wording of a sunset provision.  Typically a sunset provision will read: If the nonprofit or its successor ceases to exist or reside in Clarion County, the fund shall become an unrestricted grants fund.

After the will is completed, signed, and you have had time to reflect, you may want to discuss with our Executive Director the creation of a fund contract to set out all the details you want.  This contract will be closely reviewed by the CCCF Board of Directors and the BBCF Board of Trustees.  When everyone is in agreement and feel the contract can function in perpetuity, you and the board chairpersons sign the legal document.  The contract will not become public or activated until needed.  Preparing a fund contract in advance is a wise step.  Charles Marlin

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The 136th running of the Kentucky Derby is upon us and you want in on the fun.  Of course you do.  You have set aside a lot of money because you already know from what you have paid out for reservations and tickets that the money will roll out in $1,000’s not $100’s, your $20’s will be good for tips only.

The good time will make it all worth while, plus if it builds your confidence so you take the leap and buy a small partnership in a horse it will open a new chapter in your life.  You will have arrived.

There remains the constant issue of the haves and have nots, excessive spending on pleasure while others suffer.  Not to worry.  I have your absolution from all Kentucky Derby guilt.  Keep in mind, however, that cheap absolution is worthless.  Plus if you don’t handle your KD guilt properly you will never step up to a part ownership of a horse.

No, you will not need to match dollar for dollar what you spend in Kentucky with what you give to the Clarion County Community Foundation.  That would be unseemly and awkward.  It will be late June before you have all your bills in, so I offer something very simple.

Before you leave for Kentucky, send a contribution to the Rare Gift Fund of the CCCF that matches dollar for dollar what you anticipate betting on the race.  There you see, clear and simple and done before you even get to the KD.

What if you should bet more than you anticipated?  A late supplemental payment will take care of that.  So now, my friend send your payment in with absolute confidence that you need feel no guilt about having a great time at a most wonderful event.  Charles Marlin

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For the final quarter of 2009 we feature the Rare Gift Endowment Fund on our Donation Page.  The idea behind this fund may be unique to the Clarion County Community Foundation.  I have not seen anything similar on other community foundation websites.  There is however a problem because the fund can not function unless it reaches a size to produce grants of $40,000 and perhaps more.

When the small, modest, and large donations eventually flesh out the fund it will be a great boon to the nonprofit organizations in Clarion County.  The fund will give a rare gift of $40,000 to a nonprofit randomly chosen to create their own dedicated endowment fund with CCCF.  In turn the nonprofit pledges to make five biennial contributions to their own fund.  The nonprofit agrees to a sunset provision if the nonprofit or its successor ceases to exist or reside in Clarion County the fund will be merged with the Rare Gift Fund.  At the end of the ten year period the fund is theirs with no further obligations to contribute.

It is the belief of CCCF that ten years of a cooperative and supportive relationship will be totally persuasive to the supporters and staff of the nonprofit, and that they will continue to work to build their endowment.

CCCF also believes the size of the rare gift will be a stimulus for nonprofits to become interested in an endowment when previously they had not shown an interest.

The Rare Gift Fund strengthens the nonprofit and the CCCF at the same time.  The nonprofit gains an endowment.  The community foundation gains a new fund and an active community partner.  The Rare Gift Fund remains strong and ready to repeat its accomplishment again and again.  The very long term interests of the community are protected by the sunset provision of the nonprofit’s endowment.

For small contributions to the Rare Gift Fund you may click on the Donation Page and use your PayPal account.  The administrative fee charged by PayPal is very reasonable.  If you are able to make a larger contribution, you may send a check to CCCF, P O Box 374, Oil City PA 16301.  This address is for the administrative office of Bridge Builders Community Foundations of which we are one of three affiliates.  Please mark the memo line of your check Clarion Friends and this will direct it to the Rare Gift Fund.

This is the quarter of holidays, family gatherings, and gifts to many.  These are the joys of a good life.  Please share.  Charles Marlin

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