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There is something about the title of Norwegian author Per Petterson’s third book translated into English I Curse The River Of Time.  The title may be enigmatic, esoteric, recondite, or tenebrific, but before you select you should know that Mao Zedong may have written the phrase originally and that for sure it fits the book.

I would be more excited about the book if I had not earlier read Out Stealing Horses and To Siberia.  If you are new to Per Petterson, I suggest you start with Out Stealing Horses, wait a while then go on To Siberia.  A little of the Norwegian environs goes a long way, so a little time between titles will be refreshing.  I Curse The River Of Time should be last.

The novel has a mother not to be forgotten and a slacker dude son, but Norwegian not American slacker dude.  The son does a lot of drinking, walking, and thinking, but the distance traveled is not far.

If you have Scandinavian-American heritage, there may be a special meaning for you in these two characters.  Those northern genes are probably very hard to kill or crowd off.  Charles Marlin


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Saddened by family, events, and Denmark, Jesper’s Sistermine will stay in your memory, refreshed by your own dark moments but try as you may you will never remember her name.  You will remember she wanted to go to Siberia by rail and that it was never clear why.  Her coming and going were abrupt, so much so that sometimes not a word was spoken.  Here an hour ago, now gone.  You will have no explanation for why you care.

So you will have read Per Petterson’s To Siberia, translated from the Norwegian by Anne Born, as was his Out Stealing Horses that made him known in America.  Charles Marlin

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