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Olga Grushin writes like a sgraffito potter, except she uses sharpened words sparingly to scratch below the grim. decay, and cold depression of recent Russia to reveal an underlying material  veined with passion, fears, and desires.  Her characters begin too stiff to move or smile, but the Russian memory never throws away an emotion, all are banked at the back of their heart to burn for decades if need be.  Slowly that memory is revealed by the author in strong, contrasting colors that give the characters renewal.

Her second novel, The Line, is a simple story of conflicted relationships running hot in a very cold city.  If you enjoyed The Dream Life Of Sukhanov, you will enjoy her new novel.  If you enjoy a tense, well paced novel that ends in time for you to do errands before supper, put it on your to do list.  Charles Marlin

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