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To think Freddie de la Hay, the most famous Pimlico Terrier, would experience the horror of falling down a rabbit hole and fighting for his life, and when he comes out, being kidnapped.  I shall tell you no more other than to assure you Freddie shows no signs of post stress disorder.

His littermate, the very butch bitch Maggy de la That, hearing of his ordeal arranged to visit for a fortnight, which both enjoyed immensely.  As a memento of her visit, she gave Freddie this photo of her when she was in her second obedience school.  He gave her his photo used for Pimlico Terrier Alert, May 1, 2012, on this blog.

To learn more you will have to read the third book in the Corduroy Mansions Series, A Conspiracy Of Friends.   The people around Freddie are, as Mrs. Slocombe would say, “Weak as water, weak as water,” for they never seem to know when, how, or with whom to fall in love.  The good news is that reptilian Oedipus Snark has a road-to-Damascus experience, but can anything permanently imprint on Oedipus?  Do you suppose Alexander McCall Smith knows?

I need hardly tell you, kind reader, ignore all images of Freddie provided by the publisher, philistines one and all.  Charles Marlin


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