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High Financier: The Lives And Time Of Siegmund Warburg by Niall Ferguson is part biography and part financial history but the two parts don’t add up to an interesting read.  The book is a soup, not solid enough to slice, too thick to stir, and tedious to spoon out.

If the reader has an obsessive interest in financial history and the history of globalization, then this is a prize book for you.  For all others it is not likely to be read to the end.

The book does have a message for today’s shakers and takers.  Warburg had an intense respect for the management of risk.  If our business school faculties had the same respect, then their financial elite graduates would not have got us into the current mess.  A hundred Warburgs in banking and government could have saved us.  Warburg would have suggested only two or three were needed.

To the jacket photographer Bernard Lee (“Bern”) Schwartz and jacket designer Darren Haggar I say thanks for exceptional work.  All authors should be so blessed.  Charles Marlin


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