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I am convinced from reading My Beloved World that Sonia Sotomayor is so right for the Supreme Court I wonder why the Republican Senators did not fall on their swords when they let her appointment be confirmed.  True, the autobiography gives you more personal information than you are accustomed to learning about a justice on the high court; but, that may be your residual sexism at work.

Her life is a wonderful American story, and a delight to read.  Even if she projects backward more maturity and insight than was there originally, it is good to know what she values in growing up and in making a career against heavy odds.

Make no mistake, this is not your usual auto-fluff written for easy profit and idle minds.  She is demonstrating why it is good to be proud, ambitious, and young in America.  Her story and her appointment are a return to quality for an institution sadly in need of redemption.  Read and take hope.  Charles Marlin

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