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For generations we have known the French as the most frivolous of people.  Even they admit it among themselves.  As Jonathan Swift so aptly put it, “the natural Inconstancy of that People.”  Now however the internet is exposing America, and our sister Canada, as contenders for frivolity.  Friends sent me an email on how to make an omelet in a boil bag illustrated by images using a Ziploc bag and a red square luncheon plate.  Oh, if only the story stopped there.

Once you start searching the internet you will see why I am concerned.  Half of the camping and Girl Scout families in America are very experienced in Ziploc Omelets, the other half wishes they were.  A startling number fear getting cancer from the boiling bags although none seem to know how many such omelets one would need to consume to be in serious danger.

There are some people on the internet who have good ideas.  Like, prepare and freeze the bags the day before so when the omelet call comes you only need to have a big pot of water boiling.  Or, add a bit of milk or half & half to the mixture for moisture.  And, press the excess air out of the bag before boiling.  And, use the stronger as opposed to the flimsier bags.

Mysteries remain.  We don’t know who was first to put the Ziploc Omelet on the internet, but the source for those red plate pictures is Adam, May 18, 2006, at Men In Aprons.  The plates may be Fiesta but it is hard to say for sure.  Regardless, those images have been endlessly copied.

As you know Clarion Friends to be a serious blog I will not frivolously repeat a recipe to be found in abundance elsewhere.  We are not French.  Yet we are united with all of France in our love of the egg.  Charles Marlin

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