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January 6, 2010, the winners of the World Funky Deviled Egg Plate 2010 Competition were announced by Clarion Friends.  The judge was Clarion County resident and prominent artist Mary Hamilton

The title of Number One goes to Ladybug Deviled Egg Plate submitted by Judie Vogus.  

The title of Reserve goes to Roadkill Deviled Egg Plate submitted by Rita May Raintree. 

The title of Number Three goes to Chicken Santa Deviled Egg Plate submitted by Stephanie Sawhney.

Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck to all those who entered the competition.  Charles Marlin

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dog11If you knowingly buy a book about dogs holding seminars and talking to a beer guzzling, womanizing slacker-owner, you can not rightly say you are disappointed or that it was not worth the $16.32 amazon.com charged. You knew Merrill Markoe’s Nose Down, Eyes Up was about talking dogs. Arf. Arf. Grrrr.

This is not a portrait of Jimmy from Markoe’s world, rather it is of Clarion County artist Mary Hamilton‘s new dog she renamed Bindi. The print is titled Happy because Bindi is a most happy dog, even though she had to suffer the lose of her birth name for something the artist thought was erudite. I in turn shall always refresh her memory of the name I am not allowed to print.

Happy is a linoleum block print, image 10 x 12″, matted to 16 x 20″, in six colors, signed in an edition of 50, and sells for $60. Contact the artist at skyflower@penn.com Charles Marlin

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once2Once Upon A Time down on old Skyflower Farm there lived a very old storyteller, older than some of the flowers in her garden, who gathered children and animals around to hear stories she read, stories she remembered, stories she created, and stories she got confused, but everybody loved to hear them. She too loved to hear them. Children, and sometimes animals, asked for their favorite but would always have to help the old storyteller stay focused. They didn’t mind at all.

Now Clarion County artist Mary Hamilton has made a print of the old storyteller at work. Perhaps she used a mirror to draw the linoleum block print, 12 x 14″, matted 16 x 20″, in 9 colors, signed, in an edition of 55, priced $60. Contact the artist directly at skyflower@penn.com

Here is a childhood memory your grown children will not leave behind. Nor will your children’s children. Start a tradition that will recall stories about you for many once upon a time for real. Charles Marlin

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Bill Schutt has written about a lot of things you may wish you had not read about. Even so, you will not put the book down until the last page. You may find you are marking details to use later when you want to unnerve your family, friends, and especially co-workers. The book is Dark Banquet: Blood And The Curious Lives Of Blood-Feeding Creatures, illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne with vampire bats, chickens and vampire bats, vampire bats with other select victims, and a wonderful Dracula.

If you have in mind taking a very Southern or Caribbean vacation this is a must read. You don’t want to wake up after a vampire bat has supped at your ear. And you will want to know why wadding or swimming in tropical waters with loose shorts or trunks on may gain you co-inhabitants in unusual places, very unusual places.

I have referred to vampire bats and leeches, but not mentioned the bloodsucking catfish. Just remember not to pee while standing in water up to your crotch. Wynne has nicely provided a couple of illustrations for you. Mosquitoes you already know about, and you may have some passing experience with chiggers but here is where things get itchy. You don’t know the half about chiggers and mites and ticks and bed bugs. Since Schutt revels in the details I will leave all that to him.

None of us know how close and often we are in casual contact with scabes and bed bugs. There are your children’s sleep over friends, your relatives traveling with luggage who stay for a fortnight. Speaking of luggage, how often have you left your open luggage on carpet not your own, put it in a New York cab, or had it lost somewhere in a holding area? Have you thought about your seat on mass transit or an airplane, or better yet, your long wait at the doctor’s office? The author will help you with all those concerns. Well, perhaps help is too strong a word.

The illustration for this review is not from the book but is by Clarion County artist Mary Hamilton. Little Red Bat is a linoleum block print, 11 x 12″, in five colors, signed, in an edition of 47. Matted the print is 16 x 20″, priced $60. Contact the artist directly at skyflower@penn.com

The Little Red Bat has only been sighted by the artist on her Skyflower Farm, evidence Schutt would describe as anecdotal which non-scientists are not trained to handle. Such stories must first be thoroughly researched by degreed scientists and then published in at least two highly duplicative conference papers. Schutt would describe this activity as primitive as it was recorded as prevalent during the first semester of the first year of the first university, more so among scientists than among other scholars. Charles Marlin

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The 23rd Annual Festival of Trees at St Joseph Social Center in Lucinda PA is on again for December 5th, 6th, & 7th. If you have been there in the past then you know it is big, busy, musical, and lots of fun. The list of things to do and see and eat goes on and on. The hours on Friday the 5th are from 9am to 8pm. On Saturday the 6th from 9am to 4pm. And on Sunday the 7th everyone can have breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus from 8am to Noon. Admission to this year’s festival is $1 with children 12 and under free. For all the details go to www.stjosephlucinda.org Lucinda is very easy to find. It is north of Clarion and I-80 on 66, and south of the Allegheny National Forest.

The Mary Hamilton print commissioned for the festival is titled in the print Lucinda A Christmas Village. It is a linoleum block print, 11 x 14″, in nine colors, signed, in an edition of 100. Matted the print is 16 x 20″. Both framed and matted prints will be for sale at the festival. Charles Marlin

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Clarion, PA’s loved and admired printmaker Mary Hamilton has taken a step back in history to show Hermie’s Corner Grocery in its heyday. Long a landmark at Wood Street and Eighth Avenue, Hermie’s was the gateway into the Clarion University campus for generations of students, faculty, and townspeople. In the beginning Hermie’s was a community grocery that also sold sandwiches to hungry students on very tight budgets. Its latter days were as the nearest source to campus for cigarettes, gum, candy, and soda. The store is empty now and the property has been sold so the future for the corner is unknown.
The linoleum block print is 10 x 16″, in seven colors, signed, in an edition of 54, matted for $60 or framed and matted for $120. Shipping and tax additional. Contact the artist directly at skyflower@penn.com   Charles Marlin

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