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At first I thought that Justice Stephen Breyer, Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge’s View was going to stay on the freshman level, but once he was through the historic cases and on to how the Constitution is a progressive, cooperative effort involving all functions and levels of government, the book began to shine.

For all those who recently purchased shares in Senators, Representatives, and Governors, this book would be good software to install in those purchased leaders.  If done, the leaders will operate more smoothly, faster, and will not stall out with viruses of hubris and ignorance.  If you want them at their worst, you need do nothing further.

Although the Justice does not discuss the Senate role in approving Supreme Court appointees and approving Federal judicial appointments, it is this narrow portage where partisan interests and senatorial ambitions do considerable damage.  It is here where senators and appointees could have a positive and lasting effect on how Americans at home in their living rooms understand the Constitutional basis of our democracy.  Senate hearings could become great teaching mini-series.  Do daydreams ever come true?

For a Supreme Court held in low esteem, this book is refreshing.  A good judge writing well can lift a citizen’s spirit.  Give yourself this feel good book.  Try to forget the mediocrity sitting on the Supreme Court because while it will not make it stronger neither will it destroy the court.

Five good judges is not too much to ask for.  Charles Marlin

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