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trevor-395[1]The Irish writer, this being William Trevor specifically, knows how to live the stereotype.  He looks the part better than Hollywood casting.  He writes with the grace and confidence of a master artisan.  He handles travail as if were bread and butter.  He gives Irish life biblical aura.  He makes a book something to hold and keep.

In Love And Summer lives starved for love touch and are bruised.  The slackers seem to fare better than the kind and good, healing coming more slowly to some than to others.  Old bruises bring out empathy in some and dullness in others.  The reader will find himself in the small actions of the Dillahan farm and village of Rathmoye because the setting is not geopolitical Ireland but the land of your heart.

Oil the gears on the old bike and ride through the lives of Ellie Dillahan and her husband, too good to need a first name.  You will recognize the slackers for what they are immediately.  Charles Marlin

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