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If you are in the senior group as I am and you want your last years to be meaningful and even longer, then you must start immediately working on a greater purpose in life.  We know from previous studies that living outside of ourselves is crucial to good mental health as well as physical health, now new research indicates it adds to longevity.

A greater purpose in life means going outside of your small daily needs and routine family visits to something that improves your mind and body and improves the lives of others.  Visits to the doctor’s office are good for you but they do not lift you out of yourself.  This means you don’t wait for things to come to you, you go to them.  You look at what can be done better and resolve to be a part of it at whatever level you can manage.  You expand your knowledge.  You assist others in an organized way that goes beyond random acts of kindness.  You never say you cann’t help because you no longer drive at night or do long stairs, you volunteer by asking what needs to be done.  You say, “No, I can not do 1 through 6, but I can do 7 and a bit of 8, maybe assist with 11 and 13.”

Resting on your reputation as a good person and a loving parent and grandparent is giving up on life.  It is waiting for the end.  Happiness, good health, clear memory, and the energy and will to live may come to some with no apparent effort, but for most of us it means getting up in the morning and working for it.  The job is living.

Clarion County Community Foundation, like all nonprofits, is always in need of volunteers.  When a person comes up and says “Hello,” the nonprofit’s juices begin to flow.  There will be something for you to study and do.  If not, tell the nonprofit to get busy and find something for you to do.

The research establishing the connection between a higher sense of purpose and longevity was done by Dr. Patricia Boyle, an assistant professor of behavioral sciences at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  For more details on the topic read Kathleen Doheny’s Have a Purpose in Life? You Might Live Longer, reported at http://news.yahoo.com  Charles Marlin

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