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At the annual Christmas party for the Venango Area Community Foundation, friends of Steve Kosak from all the affiliate community foundations gathered to express their thanks to Steve for his friendship and leadership during his years of service to VACF and Bridge Builders Community Foundations.

Steve has served as Executive Director for 21 years, and moves on to work for PNC Bank, National Association.  He will continue to hold the title of Senior Executive Director for BBCF so that we may consult him when needed and he can represent BBCF when appropriate.

Among the presents given to Steve was one from the Clarion County Community Foundation of a nine-image giclee color print of Steve by John Hink.  Two of the limited edition prints were framed and presented to Steve, one to take home, and one to hang in the BBCF administrative offices.  Charles Marlin

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John Rexrode and John Hink        

See Adrian Higgins’ Emily Dickinson’s poetry blooms at New York Botanical Garden exhibit”  at www.washingtonpost.com for 05/26/2010 or visit the New York Botanical Garden at www.nybg.org/

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Something new at Clarion Friends has arrived this Spring.  John Hink, our artistic director, has created two new pages  that give the blog some added punch.  The Honor Roll page recognizes our two donors who created endowment funds.  We honor them with a flower and ribbon on Founders Day, March 13th, but the new page will be continuous recognition of their generosity and loyalty to the community.

The Our Funds page puts in one place all the approved endowment funds of Clarion County Community Foundation.  As you may know the three non-memorial funds are at a starvation level.  Any donation to any one of the three would be very meaningful.  A donation is a beautiful thing whether small, medium, or large.

You know how to find us.  Use an envelope and a 42 cent stamp to CCCF, P O Box 374, Oil City PA 16301.  Charles Marlin

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Thanks to John Hink for watching the Clarion Friends blog while I was out with a lightning strike.  This worked off some of his community service hours so I know he is happy.  Those last hours seem to be the hardest for him.

I am back with a new computer, printer, and software so I am less sure of what I am doing than before.  The twelve days of being out of contact was disconcerting.  I know most of the 2,155 visits to Clarion Friends are one-time visitors, and I know very few names among the others, yet it was like not seeing the regulars at your favorite coffee shop.  People become a party of your life even if you only now and then or never speak to them.

I invite you to draw closer to our circle of Clarion Friends.  Add a comment, give a donation, or email something you want me to post on the blog marlin2@windstream.net  It is good to be among those who know you and have made you part of their daily routine.  Charles Marlin

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