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National Transit Annex at 206 Seneca Street, Suite 10, Oil City PA 16301

View of our inside entrance

The offices for Bridge Builders Community Foundations have moved across the street from our old location to the National Transit Annex at 206 Seneca Street, Suite 10, Oil City PA 16301.  For those who need handicap accessibility we have that if you will give us a call at (814) 677-8687 so we can meet you at the entrance.

The photographs show the front of the National Transit Annex where we are located, a view of our inside entrance, the office conference space, and a larger conference space available in the building to which we have access.

 The office conference space

 The larger conference space available in the building

 Jeanne Best, Operations Director, is in the front office

 Trenton Moulin, Executive Director, is in the back office.

We are delighted with the move and as you might guess, the decorating and arrangement of furniture is a work in progress.  You are welcome to visit.  Charles Marlin

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The Trustees of Bridge Builders Community Foundations have selected Trenton E. Moulin as Executive Director and he is already on the job.  For many years Steve Kosak was our Executive Director, but he is now with PNC Bank in Oil City; and for the transition period, we had Bill Kaufman as Interim Executive Director.  Both Kosak and Kaufman pledge support and counsel to our new director.

Moulin is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and most recently was Director of Development for the Allegheny Region Chapter of the American Red Cross.  His resume included two years as a pirate in the Caribbean, but the Trustees discounted the claim as a juvenile fantasy.

His BBCF office is 213 Seneca Street in Oil City PA 16301; and his email is trentonmoulin@gmail.com   He can be reached at the office at (814) 677-8687 or by cell at (412) 978-6841.  He will be working with the affiliate boards of the Clarion County Community Foundation, Forest County Community Foundation, and Venango Area Community Foundation.

Jeanne Best continues her work with BBCF, however under the new title of Operations Director.  With her new title, she is authorized to carry a handgun in church, campus, camp, club, and curbside.  She can be reached at (814) 677-8687 or jeanne_vacf@verizon.net

Pictured above are the officers of BBCF and the new Executive Director.  From left to right are President Susan Williams of Rouseville,  Executive Director Trent Moulin of Oil City,  Secretary Lynn McCaslin of Tionesta, Vice-President Charles Marlin of Knox, and Treasurer Jason Woolcock of Oil City.  Charles Marlin

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At the Board of Directors meeting of the Clarion County Community Foundation on September 16, 2009, most of the hour was spent on reports.  The first report was on Clarion Friends https://clarionfriends.wordpress.comwhich has received over 3,700 visits since its beginning, but something has gone wrong with our paypal account on the Donations Page.  We have reports that people are not able to make donations, so our Associate Director Jeanne Best will try to get the paypal account back in working order.  We are sorry that this has disrupted doners’ efforts to support our field-of-interest funds.

We heard a report from our CCCF Treasurer Jerry Belloit who also chairs the BBCF Finance and Investment Committee.  He discussed the BBCF Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual dated September 2008 through August 2009 submitted by Best.  He also discussed the recently approved BBCF Budget for Fiscal Year 09-10 as submitted by Best.  He discussed the Report of Managed Investment Accounts for BBCF ending June 30, 2009, submitted by Best.

Vice-President Janice Horn reported on non-financial actions taken by the BBCF Trustees at their last meeting.  None of the actions dealt directly with CCCF.

Executive Director Steve Kosak reported on a recent meeting with Jefferson County governmental, community, and business leaders that begins the BBCF’s effort to organize the Penn Jefferson Community Foundation as an affiliate of BBCF.  We are hopeful this effort proves successful as it will bring community foundation services to Jefferson County through a community based organization, and it will strengthen BBCF by increasing the population and capital base of our united service area.  The entire CCCF Board expressed a willingness to help in any way requested.

Our last agenda item was the election of William J. Rupert to the Board Class ending March 13, 2010.  Directors are entitled to serve two consecutive three-year terms if elected.  Completing a partial term does not impact that entitlement.  There continues to be openings on the Board, so anyone interested can find out more about the foundation and how the Board operates by calling Board President Charles Marlin at (814) 797-2233.

Our next meeting will be November 18th, the third Wednesday of the month, from 5:15 to 6:15pm at the IC Rectory Meeting Room in Clarion.  Charles Marlin

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