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If James Lee Burke was taxed at 33.34% on all writing income, I might feel kinder toward him.  He simply does not need all this success.  If you are a Burkeian you already know there is a new Dave Robicheaux Novel titled Creole Belle, so you have no need for a pissy review by me.

Burke’s heroes are legend.  They have backgrounds of mixed virtues and virulent pathogens.  They almost play by the rules.  Their bodies are bruised, battered, scared, and overweight, although women don’t seem to mind.  Around them, crime is never simple.  The sleaze of the slime are their speciality.

Yet, despite all of the above, his heroes know history, recall music, quote Shakespeare and great American novels, and love classic cars.  They enjoy sunrises and sunsets, are food connoisseurs, and women love them.  It’s a rough life.  Charles Marlin

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In the fall of 1989, friends gave me a copy of Black Cherry Blues as I was leaving a party.  I thought no decisions are good decisions when you are in less than full control of your facilities so I accepted their gift.  I eventually read the book and was beguiled; thinking, this is a writer to follow.

In the years since, I have given away my professional library and most of my leisure library, some were books of supreme quality, all toll beyond a number I care about.  Still on the shelf was Black Cherry Blues.  When I happened upon it, I would think, I need to check on him.

Finally on a slow Sunday morning, I hit on him on the internet.  He has a new one, Feast Day Of Fools, so I ordered.  The old pleasure came back full strength.  He is a ball-buster.  If you don’t know him, you are the loser.

Don’t say you like mysteries if you don’t know James Lee Burke.  Charles Marlin

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