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I wish the title was mine because it is great and the best line in Solar, so the credit goes to the author Ian McEwan.  The book has created a lot of review smoke but it did not warm me.  Michael Beard, the central character, is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and rodent.

Your first hope of escaping this mass of low-life comes around page 60 when it appears that he has frozen off his penis and it has dropped down his snowsuit.  Alas, it was not to be so he continues his insatiable pursuit of alcohol, food, and women.

That so many women allow him sexual access is the part that strains credulity.  It is good I am not a judge because they would find little sympathy in my court unless they justifiably defended themselves by castrating the offending male.

The reader will soon sense Michael Beard is going to add not lose weight and he will still be standing when the book has exhausted you.  There I have covered it all.

Now, in praise of the author, a lot of people like his books.  They sell.  For a person with an ordinary face, he is outstandingly photogenic.  He could be a French movie star.  Charles Marlin

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