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Our nine national holidays plus however many personal holidays you’ve collected make a wonderful calendar of life.  Plus the religious holidays.  Measure the year by the holidays and ignore those repetitive numbers.  The holidays are for having too many things to do and rushing to relax with friends and family.  It is good to love and be loved.  It feels good to give and provide for those you love.  Well done.

This is not a time to add a new task to anyone’s schedule so I am only suggesting you add a new resolve to consider later as you have the time.  The resolve is to go over the things you have done for those not included among your friends and family.  How good have you been to your community?  No I don’t mean how friendly you are, rather have you contributed something lasting to your community.  Could you plan to do more?  Are you able to share?

Don’t count the calories.  Drive wisely.  Enjoy the holiday.  Look forward to the next holiday.  Charles Marlin

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