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If you still have the luxury of a walk-in bookstore, you may on rare occasion feel you want something different from your usual fare; if so, do I ever have the book for you.  Try The Hunger Angel, by Herta Muller.  No, don’t ask questions as to what it is about; if you want something different, then you have to accept a few unknowns.

The author is the 2009 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.  She lives in Berlin, so it is highly unlikely you have seen her on any early morning news show.  The book, ah the book, is masterfully written, bringing prose to the edge of poetry.  Originally published in German, the translator, Philip Boehm, makes it seem to come from the choir of a venerable English cathedral.  The physical book in your hand emits a chill of its own.  Now, I have told you enough.  Charles Marlin

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