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The Heartland Center for Leadership Development of Lincoln NE has developed a list and publication Clues to Rural Community Survival.  You can find the list on the Wyoming Community Foundation web page www.wycf.org and if you want to spring for the book you can get it at www.heartlandcenter.info 

It is a heavy duty list that begins with “1. Evidence of community pride,” and ends with “20. Conviction that, in the long run, you have to do it yourself.”  Well, amen.  When you check the list off according to how you see yourself and your willingness to participate if the resources and opportunities are made available, then your score may well be up there close to twenty.  If you check off as other community leaders perceive you, your score may not be nearly so high.

I want to concentrate on only the last clue –number twenty.  Everyone thinks it would be wonderful if new scholarships, new unrestricted funds, a fund for veterans and their families, a fund for food and nutrition, a fund for parenting, and a fund for county libraries would be endowed by someone with the money to spare.  Get real.  There is no someone, there is only you.

Waiting for a stranger to do the good deed means that neither you nor anyone else will ever see the good deed done.  The good deed hides within you and depends upon you to grow it into something wonderful.  The good deed is not dependent upon big numbers nor does it have anything to do with massive resources.  It has all to do with you deciding you will help, you will step forward because the time is as right as it is ever going to be.  It has to do with your belief that your kindness and generosity will be meet in someway by kindness and generosity in others.  Even if that does not happen and you stand alone, you know you stand in the right place and at the right time.  What more can you ask of yourself?

The community foundation movement would never have grown from its single beginning in 1914 to a world wide blanket if it had not been for one good person after another good person deciding to take action.  General goodwill is nothing.  Single, dedicated action is everything.  No one can predict the future, but a person can certainly influence how the future evolves.  When your good deed continues to work decade after decade into centuries, you have made possible your own renewal in that good deed.

The procedure is simple.  Call me Charles Marlin Board President of Clarion County Community Foundation at (814) 797-2233, or call Steve Kosak Executive Director of Bridge Builders Community Foundations at (814) 677-5085.  Charles Marlin

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