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While reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen I took a couple of breaks and was surprised to discover his stardom.  This man is big.

He won a National Book Award in 2001.  Marion Ettlinger has photographed him.  He has been on the cover of Time.  He first stood up Oprah, then came back to kissyface with her.  He is such a thought-enriched man he often is unaware he has neither shaved nor combed his hair.

Usually writers are only seen talking, accepting awards, or pausing to pose, but here is a man photographed demonstrating life credentials.  He strides out birding, and confidently so because there is no bulge in his classic khakis to indicate he carries a field guide.

I fear I too have contributed to this star feasting for I have been seen entering Michelle’s late morning carrying the book.  On several days I have left it on my table uncovered.  It attracted two comments.

Even more newsworthy is the gift of Freedom President Obama accepted during his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.  Following this the author was seen leaving the White House in a “delighted” mood.  Since then there was the bizarre case of the kidnapping and attempted ransoming of his glasses.

If someone reading Clarion Friends has access to ask a personal question of Michelle Obama, then I would bet my Monday lunch money the President never finished Freedom.  Without clairvoyant vision I can only say I sense a full horizon of nodding heads.  Charles Marlin

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