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The Coach is gone.  Mr. Basketball for the Rocky Grove High School and the Valley Grove School District died following a road accident on June 16, 2009.  Not only Rocky Grove, but Franklin and all of Venango County knew Roy E. Sanner well.

For twenty-two years the Coach was there for junior high boys basketball, or junior high girls basketball, or elementary basketball, or varsity boys basketball, and you can also add junior varsity boys volleyball, and golf.

With that record it is no stretch for family, friends, and alumni to come together to create the Remember Roy E. Sanner Memorial Scholarship Fund For Graduating Seniors of Rocky Grove High School with the Venango Area Community Foundation.  The initial Fund Committee members are Chad Sanner, Tiffany Montgomery, Ken Brannon, Tony Nolf, Mike Stahlman, Ex-officio Valley Grove Superintendent, and Ex-officio Valley Grove Principal.

The Fund Committee will study the eligibility of each scholarship applicant.  The applicant must be a graduating senior at Rocky Grove High School and been enrolled there for three years prior to graduation.  The Committee will evaluate the applicant’s leadership, work ethic, commitment and sportsmanship as shown in the athletic program, high school environment, and  community.  The scholarship will be for two years.

Every student who played for the Coach can tell you, it was “Play it all, your heart, your mind, your body.  Play hard and you own the position.”  When the Coach sent you in to play, it was never to see if you could maybe survive.  He knew what the player often didn’t know.  You could, “Take it.  Play it.  Keep it.”

How valuable are those experiences?  Those memories?  Practice and playing ball?  Watching and cheering the games?  Making friends of teammates?  The recognition?  The school pride?  You need to dress for a new game.  The spirit of the Coach needs a down payment to stay a force at Rocky Grove.  Come out for the team again and support the scholarship.  Every year as the opening of the basketball season approaches, come out and renew your Rocky Grove pride.  You know the drill, “Take it. Play it.  Keep it.”

Make your contribution out to VACF and write on the memo line Remember Roy E. Sanner.  Mail it to VACF, P.O. Box 374, Oil City PA 16301, or stop in at 213 Seneca Street, Oil City.

If you have photographs of the Coach in action, email to marlin2@windstream.net and we will add them to the post.  Charles Marlin

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sc000071bc22The holidays are a wonderful time to renew family ties and friendships, review our life, and set ourselves to live well another year. Most everyone thinks of themselves as modest individuals, not given to ostentatious or audacious moves. So now is a good time to praise modest beginnings.

What you see above is the document that began the first fund of the Venango Area Community Foundation, the parent of Clarion County Community Foundation, and Forest County Community Foundation. A modest beginning with expansive results is worthy of praise.

On June 24, 1976, the Pennsylvania Bank And Trust entered into an Agency Agreement with the newly created VACF to accept trust funds on behalf of the VACF. The bank received the following payments from Galena Rew Harrington to create The Galena Rew Harrington Fund, $5,000 on December 27, 1976, $5,000 on December 28, 1977, and $8,000 on October 10, 1978 as the first fund of the VACF. A subsequent gift from her sister Mary E. Rew of $10,000 was added to the fund on July 23, 1979, and it became the Harrington Rew Fund. Penn Bank in time became the Mellon Bank and now NYB Mellon. The Harrington Rew Fund was transferred to the community foundation as trustee and is now invested with National City Bank which in 2009 becomes part of PNC Bank. Created in 1975 the VACF was reorganized in 2007 into an administrative foundation Bridge Builders Community Foundations, with affiliates VACF, CCCF, and FCCF.

Galena Rew Harrington was born September 09, 1883, in Franklin PA, and died March 31, 1979. Mary E. Rew was born July 21,1891, also in Franklin PA, and died May 28, 1990. They are buried in Section CC of the Franklin Cemetery.

Banks seem to come and go, but citizen-controlled community foundations stay and stay and stay. A long recession may slow the foundation down but it does not close the foundation doors. The foundation’s short-term view is ten years. Its long-term view is long indeed. If you are modest and interested, call Steve Kosak Executive Director at (814) 677-5085, or Charles Marlin Board President at (814) 797-2233. Bill Bowen, Steve Kosak, and the staff of The Pennsylvania Room of the Franklin Library helped with the research for this posting. Thank you. Charles Marlin

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