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Punxsutawney Area Community Foundation is alive and now serving their community as of Thursday, June 5th, when the foundation president, Katie Laska, signed the affiliate agreement with Bridge Builders Community Foundations.  Bridge Builders Trustee President, Charles Marlin, signed for Bridge Builders, and foundation vice president, Michele Neal, witnessed the signing along with Bridge Builders’ Executive Director, Trenton Moulin, and Administrative Assistant, Lauren Lupinacci.  The signing was topped off with pizza at Laska’s Pizza.

To welcome its new neighbor, the Clarion County Community Foundation authorized an immediate transfer of $1,000. to the PACF Unrestricted Grants Endowment, so only minutes old the foundation is working for the community.  In the weeks, months, and years ahead, all of the community will learn the services and benefits of having a locally controlled and locally sensitive community foundation.  By affiliating with Bridge Builders, the community foundation in turn gains the stability of professional administration and strength in size.

PACF joins Clarion County CF, Forest County CF, and Venango Area CF, and together they send trustees who serve on the Board of Trustees of BBCF.  Each community controls its own affiliate, and the affiliates together control the umbrella administration for all the affiliates.  BBCF is headquartered in the National Transit Annex, 206 Seneca Street, Oil City PA 16301.  The phone is (814) 677-8687.

Although new, the PACF has a history.  Many community citizens have worked and agitated for a community foundation, some for a long time and others are new to the cause.  Pictures, names, and stories should be collected so that remembering the founders is always honored.  One of the wonderful services a community foundation provides is a means for remembrance and memorial.  The founders are worthy of the community’s thanks and honor.
Photographed at the signing are, left to right, Charles Marlin, Michele Neal, and Trenton Moulin.  Charles Marlin

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John Deemer, Oil City businessman and friend of Venango Area Community Foundation and Bridge Builders Community Foundations, created and donated the beautiful table the BBCF Trustees used for the first time May 1st.  The table is 4’x10′, with a blond oak base and Formica top.


The table outshined the Trustees, and we thank him for his gift.  The Trustees are Joseph Keebler, Susan Williams, and Jason Woolcock for VACF; Lynn McCaslin and Norman Wimer for Forest County Community Foundation; Jerry Belloit, Bill Kaufman, and Charles Marlin for Clarion County Community Foundation; and Trent Moulin, Executive Director of BBCF.

If you are looking for me in the pictures, I am the good-looking one.  Charles Marlin

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The Trustees of Bridge Builders Community Foundations have selected Trenton E. Moulin as Executive Director and he is already on the job.  For many years Steve Kosak was our Executive Director, but he is now with PNC Bank in Oil City; and for the transition period, we had Bill Kaufman as Interim Executive Director.  Both Kosak and Kaufman pledge support and counsel to our new director.

Moulin is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and most recently was Director of Development for the Allegheny Region Chapter of the American Red Cross.  His resume included two years as a pirate in the Caribbean, but the Trustees discounted the claim as a juvenile fantasy.

His BBCF office is 213 Seneca Street in Oil City PA 16301; and his email is trentonmoulin@gmail.com   He can be reached at the office at (814) 677-8687 or by cell at (412) 978-6841.  He will be working with the affiliate boards of the Clarion County Community Foundation, Forest County Community Foundation, and Venango Area Community Foundation.

Jeanne Best continues her work with BBCF, however under the new title of Operations Director.  With her new title, she is authorized to carry a handgun in church, campus, camp, club, and curbside.  She can be reached at (814) 677-8687 or jeanne_vacf@verizon.net

Pictured above are the officers of BBCF and the new Executive Director.  From left to right are President Susan Williams of Rouseville,  Executive Director Trent Moulin of Oil City,  Secretary Lynn McCaslin of Tionesta, Vice-President Charles Marlin of Knox, and Treasurer Jason Woolcock of Oil City.  Charles Marlin

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Executive Director of Bridge Builders Community Foundations.  Full-time position in 501(c)3 charitable organization available on or about August 1, 2011.  Duties include providing leadership for growth and program management for 80+ scholarship and charitable endowment funds with $5.5 million in total assets.  Salary mid $30,000s.  Minimum qualification: bachelor’s degree in business, non-profit leadership, community development or related field.  Willing to earn advanced degree within 5 years.  Strong leadership, communications, organizational, technical and financial skills required.  Experience with non-profit and community services organizations preferred.  Must relocate if not resident of service region.  Send letter of introduction, current resume, three to five letters of recommendation, and one-page written response to the question, “Why do you desire to work in the area of philanthropy?” to: Ms. Susan Williams, President, Board of Trustees, Bridge Builders Community Foundations, 213 Seneca Street, Oil City PA 16301.

Deadline for applications: May 15, 2011.  Equal opportunity employer.

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The Board of Trustees of the Bridge Builders Community Foundations announces steps to transition the organization from the leadership of Mr. Stephen Kosak, after 21 years as Executive Director, to new leadership.

The Board has assigned Mr. Kosak a new title as Senior Executive Director effective when his employment with PNC Bank, National Association begins on January 1, 2011.  As Senior Executive Director he will advise, review, and consult with the Bridge Builders staff, Trustees, and affiliate Boards, serve Ex-Officio on the Bridge Builders Board of Trustees, and represent the community foundations at functions when appropriate.

Beginning January 1, 2011, Dr. Bill Kaufman of Clarion will serve as Interim Executive Director.  He has been given an ambitious set of instructions by the Bridge Builders Trustees.  Additionally he will manage the administrative offices at 213 Seneca Street, Oil City, meet with donors, volunteers, and nonprofit organizations seeking grants from one of the three affiliate community foundations.  All the services the foundations are known for will continue during this transition.

The specific challenges given to Dr. Kaufman are to evaluate all operations, budget, and staffing to create efficiencies, expand services, and economize; create goodwill in our service area; organize Penn Jefferson Community Foundation as an affiliate to serve Jefferson County; make recommendations for future operations, budget, and staffing; and finally to assist the Trustees in the employment of a new Executive Director.

After 37 years in education, Dr. Kaufman retired in July 2009 from his position of Executive Director of the Riverview Intermediate Unit 6.  Before his tenure at Riverview, Dr. Kaufman served 12 years as the Superintendent of the Clarion Area School District.  Prior to this, he was employed by the Oil City Area School District where he worked in several capacities ranging from math teacher and coach to assistant superintendent.  Dr. Kaufman received a BS in mathematics from Juniata College, a master’s degree from Westminster College, and a doctorate in education from Penn State.

Mrs. Lynn McCaslin of Tionesta, Trustee President, says, “the mission of Bridge Builders Community Foundations and the affiliates Clarion County Community Foundation, Forest County Community Foundation, and Venango Area Community Foundation is the same as under Mr. Kosak.  We are a nonprofit trustee for charitable endowment funds, administered by independent, local affiliate Boards and the final Board of Trustees.”

Mrs. McCaslin continues, “we emphasize local control, low administrative fees, and direct participation by donors, volunteers, and nonprofit organizations.  Our funds include scholarships, school funds, unrestricted funds, funds serving a specific nonprofit, cemetery funds, community funds, and field-of-interest funds.  Our breadth and commitment are unique.”

The phone number for the administrative offices in Oil City will remain (814) 677-8687 at 213 Seneca Street.  In Clarion County the mailing address is Clarion County Community Foundation, Suite A, 21 N 6th Avenue, Clarion PA 16214.  The Clarion County President is Dr. Jerry Belloit of Clarion, and Vice-President is Mr. Barry McCauliff of Shippenville.  The Forest County President is Mr. Jim Parrett of Marienville, and Vice-President is Mrs. Josie Habjanetz of Tionesta.  The Venango Area President is Mr. Joseph Keebler of Franklin, and the Vice-President is Mr. Ed Bergin of Franklin.

Pictured from left to right are Dr. Kaufman, Mrs. McCaslin, and Mr. Kosak.  Press Release

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The Board of Trustees of the Bridge Builders Community Foundations announces that Stephen Kosak,, long time Foundation Executive Director, has accepted a position with PNC Bank, National Association.

Mr. Kosak through his consulting company, Kosak & Associates, has administered various trusts, foundations, and scholarships for Venango, Clarion and Forest Counties for 35 years.

Mr. Kosak will take a position with PNC Bank, National Association administering local charitable trusts and foundations.  He will begin his new position on January 1, 2011.

Mr. Kosak joined the Venango Area Community Foundation in 1989, grown the Community Foundation from two funds with $500,000.00 in assets to over 80 funds with $5.5 million in assets.  To capitalize on the growth of area foundations and their partnerships the Venango Area, Clarion County, and Forest County Community Foundations created an umbrella organization called Bridge Builders Community Foundations in 2007.

Mr. Kosak says, “I am thankful to have worked with dedicated and community connected Community Foundation board members.  I also appreciate all of the individuals and families that have created funds in the Community Foundations.  It is through their generosity that children, youth – and families and our communities – will benefit in the future.”

Through Mr. Kosak’s transition from consultant to PNC employee, the Boards of Directors of the Venango Area, Clarion County, and Forest County Community Foundations, and the Board of Trustees of Bridge Builders Community Foundations are intent on continuing to serve the needs of their communities.

Mr. Kosak adds, “I remain committed to growing and strengthening the Community Foundations.  PNC will allow me to continue working for the Community Foundations in a supportive way, outside of my full-time responsibilities at PNC.”

Board of Trustees President, Lynn McCaslin adds, “The Boards of Directors and the Board of Trustees want to make the transition as seamless as possible and are committed to working diligently to meet the challenge presented by Mr. Kosak’s eventual absence.  Mr. Kosak shall continue as the Executive Director and assist in the transition in the immediate future.”

To provide for this transition Bridge Builders Community Foundations has hired Frank Gill of Gill Consulting to facilitate this process.  Mr Gill will work directly with a committee of Community Foundation Board members to plan for the transition through the implementation of an operational plan.

This plan will be executed in a way that will assure all of the responsibilities and duties provided by Mr Kosak will be accomplished so that the Community Foundations can continue to be a vital and growing asset to our communities.  Press Release

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The meeting of community foundation leaders from Northwest/Northcentral Pennsylvania was held July 2, 2010 at Seneca Hills Bible Camp.  The main speaker was Kevin E. Moore, Vice President for Philanthropic Stewardship and Regional Affiliates, The Erie Community Foundation.

Moore’s topic was First Steps Needed To Implement A Successful Legacy Society.  His informative presentation demonstrated despite differing details community foundations manage legacy societies in much the same way.  Widely distributed information, consultation, and continuing contact with donors are the three key areas.  There was lively interest in the topic.

The discussion in the afternoon wandered into several other areas but mostly dealt with administrative issues and collaboration among the regional community foundations.  When trustees were mentioned it was in the context of how do we get them to do what the executive director wants them to do.

Programing for future meetings may have no place for trustees in which case the executive directors and staff will have created a new club for themselves.  Charles Marlin

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The US Postal Service has announced the Oil Creek Station on Seneca Street in Oil City will close permanently July 12th.  The Bridge Builders Community Foundations mail comes to that station but after the closing it will go to the Oil City Post Office on the Southside.  There will be no change in our address.  It will remain P O Box 374, Oil City PA 16301.

Our Executive Director, Steve Kosak, plans to walk the distance from and to our offices, 42 vertical steps up at 213 Seneca Street and the Southside Office.  He will consider driving or accepting a lift if it is raining or snowing.  None of us want your contributions to Clarion County Community Foundation, Forest County Community Foundation, and Venango Area Community Foundation to be damaged by inclement weather.  Charles Marlin

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The Forest County Unrestricted Fund, Bill and Judy McDaid, Founders received final approval at the Bridge Builders Community Foundations Trustees meeting on February 2, 2010.  Every fund has a contract that goes through a careful process requiring approval first by the affiliate community foundation board of directors, then final approval by the BBCF Board of Trustees.  This is a wonderful accomplishment for Forest County, the Forest County Community Foundation, and the founders, Bill and Judy McDaid.  Judy McDaid serves on the FCCF Board of Directors.

The new fund is a field-of-interest fund open to additional contributions from residents and friends of Forest County.  This type of fund dedicated to unrestricted grants is the major source used by community foundations when requests for grants are received from nonprofits operating in their service area.

Every contribution is added to the original endowment with the combined income divided between financing grants and conservatively growing the endowment.  The gift you give now grows forever and produces grant income forever.  That is the marvel that happens when you support your community foundation.  To support the fund, write the check to FCCF and on the memo line write Unrestricted.  Mail to FCCF, P. O. Box 374, Oil City PA 16301.  Charles Marlin

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       Whereas, The Bridge Builders Community Foundation Operating Protocol Section 2.1 Vision Statement reads By unifying the Community Foundations serving Clarion, Forest, Venango and other counties the Bridge Builders Community Foundations will provide an effective way of serving donors and communities by creating and growing endowments that serve the needs in our service area;

       Whereas, The Bridge Builders Community Foundations have demonstrated intention to organize Penn Jefferson Community Foundation as an affiliate serving Jefferson County; and

       Whereas, Contiguous Butler County is without community foundation services; now, therefore, be it

       Resolved, That the Bridge Builders Community Foundations webside http://bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.com/ include a separate page devoted to the new affiliate in Jefferson County once it is organized; and

       Resolved, That the Bridge Builders Community Foundation website http://bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.com/ include a separate page offering community foundation services to Butler County; and

       Resolved, That each affiliate of Bridge Builders Community Foundations shall in turn serve as custodian of endowment funds created in Butler County until a Butler County affiliate is organized.

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