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Power up if you want to read Room by Emma Donoghue.  What you have heard others say about the book may be true for you but don’t count on it.  My suggestion is don’t listen to anyone.  Just try it.

Ma and Jack are imprisoned in a square space eleven by eleven feet.  It is hell for her, but for Jack she makes the space “Room.”  No sci-fi writer has ever made a more compelling other space than the one Ma makes for Jack.  You will believe, as Jack does, in the Room, and abhor, as she does, the space.  But there is a difference for the reader because you can always put the book down.  She could not.

The story is affirming in showing how an individual, wholly unprepared for what happened to her, survives and more than survives by creating good out of vile nothing.  The story is chilling in showing how cruel an individual can be toward others.  If you like a book to be memorable, you are in luck.  Look no further than Room.  Charles Marlin

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