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thur1The scariest and most clutching book you can read this summer is Gilbert King, Devil In The Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America.  Just when you think you have read through the bloody part and can relax, the narrative pulls you back into the Jim Crow South.  This is a lynching, beating, house burning, sadistic sheriff and judge conniving, killing story from page one to page three hundred sixty-five.

It is astonishing that Thurgood Marshall survived being killed for his work for the Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP to be appointed to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit by President John F. Kennedy, and then to the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice by President Lyndon Johnson.  No Constitutional soldier ever came to the Supreme Court as battle-scarred and worthy as he.  Honors to JFK and LBJ.

Because of Marshall justice in America has advanced; but what of the Senate responsible for approving worthy nominees to the Supreme Court?  Would the present Republican minority in the Senate approve Marshall’s appointment if it came up today?  I don’t need to provide an answer, as you know the answer already.  What of the men who now sit on the Supreme Court?  In comparison to Thurgood Marshall, what do you say?  No, what do you say that is fit for this blog.

I think they are lumps of dough, light and dark, now shaped as Justices but not to be mistaken for anything one would want to bake for bread.  They are dough men history will quickly discard as kitchen garbage.thur2a

Now when I see a Lake County Florida car license, I shall wonder if the snow bird or native Floridian driving the vehicle knows about the Groveland Boys case or if they prefer to avoid history.  History unlearned can come upon a person in the dark of night with no warning and find that person unprepared to do the right and wise thing.  Of course, history never appears twice in the same clothes; but it may appear very similarly in the hearts of those empowered to do us harm.  Charles Marlin

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