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I have a feeling that Desert has been left behind on many airplane seats, beside the bed at motels, in the back of cars until someone accidently soaks it in melted snow, and under those stacks of magazines that grow on their own.  It is an easy book to put down.  Repetitive, not real enough to be believed, too snobbish to be welcoming, too other worldly to grasp, it is an effort to read.  As with the models and clothing in The New York Times Style Magazine, is there ever a time and place where they look like they belong?  Both book, fashions, models, and photographers are best indulged in a Salon.  I am not sure there is one near me.

Lucky for the author J. M. G. LeClezio, he won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature, and splits his time between Albuquerque, New Mexico, the island of Mauritius, and Nice, France.  My review can’t touch him.

If you have an obsession with any part of the North African desert, you may find my review off base.  He gives a lot of attention to the light and pain of the desert.  Better read about, it seems, than experienced.

It is translated from the French by C. Dickson.  Charles Marlin

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