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debtI always thought “My debts are killing me!” was just a funny way of saying something about life without meaning anything.  Oh, the expression and I were both way out in an unplowed field of ignorance.  Here is the fundamental truth: Life is debt.  And Debt by David Graeber is a book to read and keep so that every seventh year you return to read it again and free yourself.

Debt, market economies, domestic communism, money, derivatives, stock markets, compound interest, sin, citizenship, capitalistic states, banks, globalization, family responsibilities, mother’s milk and children’s guilt are all related in this encompassing inbred life we lead.  David Graeber ties all of this together and puts the lighted fagot to the derrieres of all economists too conceited to read outside their lofty field.

Book reviewers have heaped unlimited praise on the author to the point he has an excess.  He could barter it; but that is tricky as he explains in Debt; so he could just quietly give some of it to me or any underpraised author.  I am not sure I have something he would enjoy receiving; well yes, I do.  I could give him some ramps in the spring.  Charles Marlin

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