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The first light book from the Gulf Wars I found is Jonathan Trouern-Trend, Birding Babylon: A Soldier’s Journal from Iraq.  Birders need only the title to whet their appetite.  The second is a breezy, teary account of life in a M*A*S*H sequel Paradise General: Riding The Surge At A Combat Hospital In Iraq by Dr. Dave Hnida.  I liked both books.

Not every war book need be profound or soulful, and the good doctor proves it with his account of life among wonderful doctor buddies helping good guys save the lives of wounded heroes and serving some who die.  You can’t help but like him even if he may be a bit of a bore.

Without bitterness, the doctor describes his Combat Support Hospital, staffing, the base, the presence of contractors, the military strategies that work no better one week than another week months apart.  Perhaps it was a healthy way to cope with the combat stress.  As a reader it may be hard to find the same level of acceptance.  Charles Marlin

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