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The great advantage of winter in Clarion County is that it really gets a person ready for spring. Come spring one of the many outings possible is visiting old, inactive cemeteries located in every township. Try for the ones that don’t suffer a close spring mowing but the tall stuff is kept down. And at your feet is very likely Claytonia virginica, a little sweetheart best known as Virginia Springbeauty. John Muir loved them. Claytonia virginica has long, grass-like leaves, and Claytonia caroliniana has fatter leaves. Both appear in March through May.

You can enjoy the flowers and if you find a patch large enough you can enjoy the leaves in a spring salad. The country folk used hot bacon grease to wilt the salad. When European settlers faced starvation during hard dry summers the Native Americans showed them how to dig up the tuber for food. To dig one up, go down below three inches so you do not cut the tuber. Radish-like in flavor when raw and a cross between a potato and a chestnut when cooked. This was surely one random act of kindness that turned and bit the giver in the ass.

The photograph of the Virginia Springbeauty comes from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at The University Of Texas At Austin. If you love wildflowers, then this is the web site for you. Go to www.wildflower.org Sometimes those Texans make it hard to like them but there is no denying that when they decide to do something they do it in grand style. They want the front of the line, so let them have it. Just drop the urge to compete with Texans.

The line drawing is from Nathaniel Britton and Addison Brown, An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada, Second Edition published in 1913, Volume II. Britton was a well known taxonomist and Brown financed the publication. The drawing is now in the public domain for which I am thankful. To see more of Britton and Brown, go to the Southwest School Of Botanical Medicine Bisbee, Arizona web site at www.swsbm.com/Britton-Brown/Britton-Brown2.html Charles Marlin

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The Allegheny National Forest held three public meetings this week prior to their developing a land and resource management plan for the 51.7 miles of the Clarion River designated in 1996 as a National Wild And Scenic River.  The plan will be guided by three criteria, River Health, Economic Opportunity, and Cultural Heritage.  The designation begins downstream of Ridgway and ends at the backwater of Piney Dam.  At the meeting held at Clarion the Forest asked for comments from anyone concerned about the future sustained health of the river.  You have less than two weeks to submit your comments with supporting data to Jodie L. Vanselow, Deputy District Ranger, Marienville Ranger District, Allegheny National Forest, HC 2 Box 130, Marienville PA 16239.  They have had 12 years to work on this and you have less than two weeks to submit input; so if you enjoy tilting at Federal windmills, knock yourself out.

Other talk along the river involves Cook Forest and Clear Creek State Parks.  The Pennsylvania Parks And Forests Foundation hopes to organize a local chapter Friends of the Cook Forest Clear Creek State Park Complex to help the parks by fund raising, event hosting, trail building, playground development, and recycling.  The organizational meeting will be at the Gateway Lodge in Cooksburg on November 20th at 6:30pm.  If you need directions to the Lodge, call Sean Benson, Assistant Park Manager, at (814) 744-8407 or (814) 752-2368.

Good luck to both efforts.  Charles Marlin

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Clarion, PA’s loved and admired printmaker Mary Hamilton has taken a step back in history to show Hermie’s Corner Grocery in its heyday. Long a landmark at Wood Street and Eighth Avenue, Hermie’s was the gateway into the Clarion University campus for generations of students, faculty, and townspeople. In the beginning Hermie’s was a community grocery that also sold sandwiches to hungry students on very tight budgets. Its latter days were as the nearest source to campus for cigarettes, gum, candy, and soda. The store is empty now and the property has been sold so the future for the corner is unknown.
The linoleum block print is 10 x 16″, in seven colors, signed, in an edition of 54, matted for $60 or framed and matted for $120. Shipping and tax additional. Contact the artist directly at skyflower@penn.com   Charles Marlin

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Today, October 23, 2008, the Clarion University Chapter of The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Retired Faculty voted to create two scholarships of $1,000. each in memory of colleagues who died this past year.  Those remembered are Al Lefevre, Athletics, who died 08/08/08, and William Hurst Snedegar, Physics, who died 12/09/07.  The scholarships will be administered by the Clarion University Foundation.  This is the eleventh consecutive year the chapter has dedicated memorial scholarships to deceased colleagues.  Charles Marlin

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