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Beaver Creek at Burnt Mill Road Clarion County

Captain Loomis — Clarion   My first night in town I didn’t have money for groceries but I needed to know if I had made a mistake coming to Clarion State College so I walked downtown and into the Loomis to find the pulse of the town.  Always popular.

Joe’s — Rimersburg   My friend who speaks a little Italian and loves Rome says Joe’s has it.

This is a photographic trip around Clarion County for the places we love to meet friends and enjoy a meal where we do not have the dishes to take care of. These are the best known places in every community and without them our sense of community would be tested.

I began the series by taking a couple of river shots because those views belong collectively to all our communities. If you think I may have missed your favorite Meet And Eat place, send a comment. I picked 16 to show three at a time, but there is nothing special about the number 16. We can add more.  Charles Marlin

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