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Whereas, The Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF approved on October 23, 2013, one annual memorial scholarship of $1,000;

Resolved, That the APSCURF Memorial Scholarship shall be a merit scholarship for entering freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are descendants of present and past faculty, librarians, and coaches at Clarion University; and

Resolved, That the 2015-2016 scholarship be designated a memorial for our deceased colleagues

Michael D. Barrett 06/02/2015
Computer Information Science

June Marie Hetrick 04/09/2015

Nancy W. Keller 07/11/2015

Donna G. Kinol 05/02/2015

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For the past twelve years the Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF, The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Retired Faculty, has awarded scholarships through the Clarion University Foundation honoring their deceased colleagues.  At their Fall Dinner and Meeting on October 13th the tradition was continued for its thirteenth year.  The Memorial Resolution is as follows.

       Whereas, The Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF approved on April 21, 2005, two annual memorial scholarships of $1,000 each;

       Resolved, That the 2010-2011 scholarships be designated memorials for our deceased colleagues

Douglas M. Best 12/02/09 Mathematics

Margaret Jane Van Ess Buckwalter 08/25/10 Library

Frank M. Clark 05/23/10 Speech Communication and Theatre

James H. Cole 06/28/10 Communication

Bob H. Copeland 01/17/10 Speech Communication and Theatre

Richard A. Couch 06/20/09 Education, Athletics

Vincent J. Current 08/05/09 Health and Physical Education, Athletics

Helen Knuth 09/29/10 History

Gustav A. Konitzky 02/03/10 Anthropology

John M. McLean 10/07/09 Music

Robert L. Northy 09/16/10 Mathematics

Richard K. Redfern 08/03/10 English

John R. Reish, Jr. 10/17/09 Athletics

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