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Turning words into a banner is not easy, but we are proof it can be done when inspired.  The following goals for Clarion County Community Foundation are not official.  They are what come to me as I work for the foundation.

To popularize the creation of endowed funds in Clarion County.

To become the major trust for scholarships throughout all the school districts in the county.

To stimulate field-of-interest endowed funds for school districts and communities.

To encourage all nonprofits in the county to create endowed funds supported by legacy gifts.

To build a large unrestricted grants fund for current programs, emerging needs, and emergencies.

To build an operating support fund so that foundation staff can be located in the county.

To raise  the professional standard for staff by requiring a master’s degree in philanthropic studies, nonprofit management, fund raising, or finance.

To create a youth philanthropic program in every school district.

It was on September 13, 1814, that the Star Spangled Banner first flew over Fort McHenry under attack by the bloody British.  It was 1,260 square feet of honor, pride, and defiance.  You know the rest of the story.

We love our flag and are proud of what it can stand for.  We are sometimes divided by differences over her history, but we are always united in our love for the flag.  Charles Marlin

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Giving no gifts is traveling alone in threatening weather on a rutted road you sense is not leading you where you want to go.  Giving gifts is watching friends and family enjoy the last picnic of the season in a park you love.  This is the third month of the third quarter Clarion Friends features the CCCF Operating Support Endowment Fund on our Donations Page.  The name explains everything.  The Clarion County Community Foundation created the fund as a dedicated source of support for keeping the foundation functioning in a healthy way.

While the CCCF can create a fund it has no way of funding it unless donors give their support.  There are no grants from larger foundations, or the Commonwealth, or the Federal government.  The fund breathes and walks only if you nurture it.  Please give a helping hand for one step and one breath.  You will feel better and you will be a richer person for having made the gift.  The process is simple.  Click on the Donations Page and follow the directions.  We will send you an immediate acknowledgement of your gift.

Time is relatively short because at the end of the third quarter, Clarion Friends will rotate another needy fund into the featured spot on the Donations Page.  It will be many months before this fund is featured again.  We all know that we are each pilgrims in this life.  A good pilgrim knows more.  Charles Marlin

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19RWGOG Ouroboros Ring Whitegold fac garnet eyes head close upTreating yourself to something special is good mental health, supports physical health, restores a sense of self-worth, makes you happier and easier to live with, and creates sustaining memories. We don’t do it often enough for a lot of small reasons that don’t add up to anything.

Something special can be a new recipe, restyling a garment you have stopped wearing, repairing an old appliance or machine that has served you well for a long time but not in recent seasons. It can be a new appliance. It can be visiting Gettysburg or the Warhol Museum or golfing where you have never played. Or it can be adding three native Holly trees to your backyard hoping for a male and female. Or it can be buying a ring like the one above.

I have not worn a ring for decades so why now except that I saw it on the internet and thought why not. It comes from www.planert-jewellery.com.auand is an Ouroboros ring in blackened silver with facetted garnet eyes. The Australian jewellers Martin and Dorte Planert were easy to work with and the ring came in less than a month.

If a ring seems a bit much to you, then I have an excellent suggestion for you to consider. This quarter Clarion Friends is featuring the CCCF Operating Support Endowment Fund on our Donation Page. The fund has no glamour or sex appeal, it even has a dull name despite its critical importance sustaining the community foundation’s work. So far this quarter no one has made a contribution. Your support would be a very special act. In the weeks following your donation you will think of what you did and know that it continues to make you feel good. Maybe better than my ring makes me feel. Charles Marlin

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Today ends the second quarter of ’09 and is the last day you may use the PayPal option to make a donation to the Unrestricted Grants Endowment Fund of the Clarion County Community Foundation.  We had two donations during this closing quarter so we know the system works.  We don’t have a campaign goal but we hope as more people think about the PayPal option that they will take advantage of it.

Tomorrow begins the quarter of July-August-September during which we feature our second field of interest fund, the CCCF Operating Support Endowment Fund.  The purpose of this fund is to build sustainability for the foundation by providing income for the expenses of running the CCCF as well as Bridge Builders Community Foundations, which is our administrative foundation.  The fund’s administrative fee will support BBCF and the income will support CCCF.

Although this fund does not have a dramatic appeal it is critical to our maintaining a public presence in Clarion County and promoting the services of the foundation.  We can not serve if we are not here and ready to respond when someone wants to create an endowment fund.  By making a donation to this fund you are extending a helping hand to everyone who calls or stops to ask us a question.

The procedure for making a donation is easy.  Click on the Donation Page which you can find at the top and right side of this page.  Once on the Donation Page click on the PayPal icon, then record amount and update total, and use either credit card or bank account or go to your PayPal account and Log In.  If you prefer sending a check, make the check to CCCF and write Clarion Friends on the memo line, send to CCCF, P.O. Box 374, Oil City PA 16301.  What ever method you choose, we will place your donation in the CCCF Operating Support Endowment Fund.  You will quickly receive a thank you note from us.  Charles Marlin

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