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National Transit Annex at 206 Seneca Street, Suite 10, Oil City PA 16301

View of our inside entrance

The offices for Bridge Builders Community Foundations have moved across the street from our old location to the National Transit Annex at 206 Seneca Street, Suite 10, Oil City PA 16301.  For those who need handicap accessibility we have that if you will give us a call at (814) 677-8687 so we can meet you at the entrance.

The photographs show the front of the National Transit Annex where we are located, a view of our inside entrance, the office conference space, and a larger conference space available in the building to which we have access.

 The office conference space

 The larger conference space available in the building

 Jeanne Best, Operations Director, is in the front office

 Trenton Moulin, Executive Director, is in the back office.

We are delighted with the move and as you might guess, the decorating and arrangement of furniture is a work in progress.  You are welcome to visit.  Charles Marlin

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The Bridge Builders Community Foundations has ratified the action of the Clarion County Community Foundation to create a CCCF Discretionary Fund as a non-endowed fund for contributions to support foundation activities, such as printing brochures, that may not be provided for in the unified BBCF budget.  Contributions to this fund will not be invested, but instead spent as the need arises.

We have initial contributions totaling $1,001.00  If you would like to support the foundation through this fund, please send your check made out to the CCCF and noted for the Discretionary Fund to CCCF, 21 N 6th Avenue, Suite A, Clarion PA 16214.  Charles Marlin

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The Clarion County Community Foundation meet on September 21, 2011, to take action on a number of items.  We accepted with regret the resignation from our Board of Jane Schautz who has served since our second meeting April 18, 2007.  Jane will continue active in community affairs, so all is not lost.

We approved a non-endowed CCCF Discretionary Fund for donations toward current and future operational needs such as brochures.  This new fund must now be approved by the Bridge Builders Community Foundations Board of Trustees.

We heard from the BBCF Board donations to our CCCF Unrestricted Endowment Fund from April through July 2011 were $1,270.00  The market value of the CCCF funds as of May 31, 2011, were Mary E. Shaner Scholarship Fund $118,262.85; Rimersburg Medical Center Endowment Fund $52,276.64; and the CCCF Unrestricted Endowment Fund $7,258.13

Our next CCCF Board meeting will be at 5:15pm on November 16, 2011.

Pictured above, from left to right, are Bill Kaufman who returns to the Board as a member after his stint as Interim Executive Director; Trenton Moulin who is our newly appointed Executive Director of BBCF; and Barry McCauliff who as Vice President presided at the CCCF Board meeting.  Charles Marlin

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The Trustees of Bridge Builders Community Foundations have selected Trenton E. Moulin as Executive Director and he is already on the job.  For many years Steve Kosak was our Executive Director, but he is now with PNC Bank in Oil City; and for the transition period, we had Bill Kaufman as Interim Executive Director.  Both Kosak and Kaufman pledge support and counsel to our new director.

Moulin is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and most recently was Director of Development for the Allegheny Region Chapter of the American Red Cross.  His resume included two years as a pirate in the Caribbean, but the Trustees discounted the claim as a juvenile fantasy.

His BBCF office is 213 Seneca Street in Oil City PA 16301; and his email is trentonmoulin@gmail.com   He can be reached at the office at (814) 677-8687 or by cell at (412) 978-6841.  He will be working with the affiliate boards of the Clarion County Community Foundation, Forest County Community Foundation, and Venango Area Community Foundation.

Jeanne Best continues her work with BBCF, however under the new title of Operations Director.  With her new title, she is authorized to carry a handgun in church, campus, camp, club, and curbside.  She can be reached at (814) 677-8687 or jeanne_vacf@verizon.net

Pictured above are the officers of BBCF and the new Executive Director.  From left to right are President Susan Williams of Rouseville,  Executive Director Trent Moulin of Oil City,  Secretary Lynn McCaslin of Tionesta, Vice-President Charles Marlin of Knox, and Treasurer Jason Woolcock of Oil City.  Charles Marlin

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The Mary E. Shaner Scholarships for 2011 were recently awarded; and they went to Katie Kohlenberg who plans to attend Clarion University, Bryan Botts who plans to attend Clarion University, and James Gillen who plans to attend Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.

In the photograph, from left to right, are Katie Kohlenberg, KHS Principal Vicky Walters, Bryan Botts, and James Gillen.

Mary E. Shaner was a life time resident of the Knox area.  Her career was spent first in local classrooms, and then as librarian at Keystone High School, Knox PA.  A bequest in her will established the scholarship fund at Keystone that bears her name, entrusted to the Clarion County Community Foundation, an affiliate of Bridge Builders Community Foundations.  Charles Marlin

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Executive Director of Bridge Builders Community Foundations.  Full-time position in 501(c)3 charitable organization available on or about August 1, 2011.  Duties include providing leadership for growth and program management for 80+ scholarship and charitable endowment funds with $5.5 million in total assets.  Salary mid $30,000s.  Minimum qualification: bachelor’s degree in business, non-profit leadership, community development or related field.  Willing to earn advanced degree within 5 years.  Strong leadership, communications, organizational, technical and financial skills required.  Experience with non-profit and community services organizations preferred.  Must relocate if not resident of service region.  Send letter of introduction, current resume, three to five letters of recommendation, and one-page written response to the question, “Why do you desire to work in the area of philanthropy?” to: Ms. Susan Williams, President, Board of Trustees, Bridge Builders Community Foundations, 213 Seneca Street, Oil City PA 16301.

Deadline for applications: May 15, 2011.  Equal opportunity employer.

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The Clarion County Community Foundation Annual Meeting held March 16th marked our fourth anniversary as an affiliate of the Bridge Builders Community Foundations.  The principal business for the annual meeting is the election of officers.

To serve a partial term as Director in the 13 March 2012 class we elected Tracy Becker.

To serve their first full term as Directors in the 13 March 2014 class we elected Clara Belloit, Jerry Belloit, Charles Marlin, and Barry McCauliff. 

To serve their second full term as Trustees of the BBCF representing CCCF we elected Jerry Belloit, Janice Horn, and Charles Marlin. 

To serve their second full term as officers of CCCF we elected Jerry Belloit President, Barry McCauliff Vice-President, and Nancy Ambrose as Secretary.

Friends of CCCF interested in serving on the Board of Directors should contact Dr. Jerry Belloit at Home (814) 227-2673, or Cell (814) 221-5537.  We have two openings, one in the class of 13 March 2013, and one in the class of 13 March 2014.  Charles Marlin


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