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In The Company Of Angels by Thomas E. Kennedy is not an easy book to like, but if you want something easy, just take a nap.  Naps are nice; but this book is nicer, so make the effort.  There are two damaged main characters.  The first one you read about is Nardo, a political refugee in Denmark from the torture regime  of Pinochet in Chile.  The second is Michela from a dysfunctional family in Denmark and more importantly a formerly abused wife and currently abused girlfriend.

The task of the novel is to bring them through their damaged life fields to a place where lasting healing can occur.  They meet and despite the encumbrances of their lives, and the dreadful weather of Copenhagen, they fall in love.  As a reader you will cheer when they are finally together as it is most obvious they deserve the grace of happiness.

The historical observation from the novel is that abuse is obscene regardless of how it is inflicted: politically, personally, or self-inflicted.  Sadly we often do not recognize it even when it invades our lives.  The best assault on abuse is find a happy escape, and if in that escape you are helped by angels, you are most blessed.  Charles Marlin

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