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For the past fourteenth years the Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF, The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Retired Faculty, has awarded scholarships through Clarion University Foundation honoring their deceased colleagues.  At their Fall Dinner and Meeting on October 23rd the tradition continued for its fifteenth year.  The Memorial Resolution is as follows.

Whereas, The Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF approved on April 21, 2005, two annual memorial scholarships of $1,000 each;

Resolved, That the 2012-13 scholarships be designated memorials for our deceased colleagues

Frank Battista 01/03/12 Education

Dolph O. Cook 07/28/12 Biology

Alastair T. Crawford 04/02/12 History

Robert E. Crawford 07/14/12 Geography

Kenneth F. Emerick 11/24/11 Library

John W. Hach Jr 02/19/12 Mathematics

Nancy Shaw McKee 01/15/12

John Mellon 04/06/12 English

Lawrence L. Penny o3/23/12 Psychology

Donald Wilson 02/10/12 English

Robert M. Yoho Sr 12/06/11 Education

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