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yellow birds

Three young Americans serve honorably in Al Tafar, Iraq, in an unholy war that either destroys or breaks their will to live.  Though you fully understand this is a novel, you will feel as you read that parts and the whole of each of them has lived in many men who have served in the Gulf Wars.  The Yellow Birds, by Kevin Powers, is best read privately for you will shed tears for these men.  Short, the book is an intense experience.

The author gives no smug comfort to the reader, no patriotic catch phrases to make us proud of our country.  The reader is left to answer the questions of why and at what cost do we enter war.  The author leaves no room for flag waving, and yet every word is deeply American.

The Blue Ridge Mountains image honors the one still moment in the book; even so you know at that moment, the weather is ever-changing.

Salute the truth, known and hidden.  Charles Marlin

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