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You’ve got to love his style.  Those sentences quietly and smoothly flow like water you mistakenly think is not moving because you have no awareness of the depth of the stream or the speed of the under current.  The Empty Family is a collection of Colm Toibin stories mostly dealing with dislocation, alienation, and just plain loneliness.  Location, age, gender, sexual orientation crumble in importance to the universality of being one among many.

As usual with a collection of stories, I liked some of them, others seemed tired.  Sometimes the literary gatekeepers don’t properly man their posts.  Writers should not be left to wander around without a chaperone, or GPS sewn into their underwear.

No, the author does not look like the above, and may never have looked that good.  He is now a nondescript bald head, not an Abercrombie and Fitch model; but I sense he would like to look like one, so Colm here is a fantasy just for you.  Charles Marlin

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