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Out of rock and loneliness, pain and joy, imagination and fantasy, Edward Morgan Forster slowly, often in secrecy, crafted a life and literary career that shined light in dark English-speaking closets everywhere.  Although he always suffered repression of his work, he gave others a vision of expanded freedom.  He taught that human affection is central to any life worth living.  He taught himself how to write beautifully and truthfully in many forms.

E. M. Forster wrote a great deal that he saw published, much was posthumously published, and a vast private library of diaries and letters.  He worked on Maurice for decades as his philosophy developed leaving it to be published after his death.  Others have written a great deal  about him, and now a fresh and wonderful addition from Wendy Moffat, A Great Unrecorded History: A New Life Of E. M. Forster.

The author gives warmth and wit to the story of Forster’s life, never casting her shadow over the subject and keeping the reader ever alert.  Few authors are as interesting as their best work, here however, is a life worth reading and a primer to follow in rediscovering Forster’s best work.

I enjoyed every page.  Charles Marlin

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