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For seventeen consecutive years the Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF, The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Retired Faculty, has awarded memorial scholarships through Clarion University Foundation honoring their deceased colleagues. The Memorial Resolution for 2014-2015 is as follows.

Whereas, The Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF approved on October 23, 2013, one annual memorial scholarship fo $1,000;

Resolved, That the 2014-2015 scholarship be designated a memorial for our deceased colleagues

Vahe H. Berberian 12/25/13 Music
Rafael Diaz y Diaz 09/11/14 Modern Languages
Dean Alan Farnham 11/07/13 Music
Francis Gabriel Greco 01/11/14 English
Gail F. Grejda 05/13/14 Education
James E. Holden 11/09/13 Computer Science
Jack I. Lowe 06/17/14 Law
Russell Charles Reefer Jr 10/04/14 Music
Jean Pehrson Rumsey 05/14/14 Philosophy
Kay Schlappe 03/10/14 Psychology
C. Darrel Sheraw 03/27/14 English
Glenn L. Sitzman 02/08/13 Library
William Frederick Stine 01/28/14 Economics

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